PS2 Classic ‘Katamari Damacy’ rolling its way onto the US PSN next week

According to an official post by the Playstation Blogcast, Katamari Damacy, the classical third-person puzzle-action game designed by Keita Takahashi, is hitting the PlayStation Network on April 30.  

Katamari Damacy, originally released for the Playstation 2 in 2004, is a wacky Japanese game that requires players to roll an enormous adhesive ball to collect all sorts of objects from different sizes (chickens, cars, buildings, planets, you name it).


After 10 years on, Sony confirms that Katamari Damacy will be released as a ‘PS2 classic’, and that it will be playable on the Playstation 3.

Unfortunately, the game will not be ported for the PlayStation Portable. However, if you’re looking for a playable Katamari game for the PS Vita, you can always download Touch My Katamari.

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