PS3 Firmware Update 4.80 Released, Improves Stability

Sony has just released a brand new firmware update for the PS3. This firmware update reportedly improves the stability of the system although Sony hasn’t shared any details on the type of stability improvement for this new firmware update.

While there are no update notes available yet, some users have confirmed that it fixes the broken Facebook integration for some of the game on the PS3, including GTA V. This does fit in line with the stability comment as Facebook integration needs to be updated along with the changes introduced by Facebook.


PS3 is at the tail end of its life cycle so it is hardly unlikely that Sony will introduce any new feature with a firmware update. So far the updates it has received has only stripped features or improved stability for some of the functions.

Let us know if you have encountered any issues or noticed any improvements after installing this new firmware update in the comments below.

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