PS4 1.70 Firmware Update Causing Issues With Save Data, Uploading Save Data to the Cloud

While the latest PS4 1.70 Firmware Update might have added tons of features, it also came at the expense of introducing some new bugs/glitches.

It appears that the latest firmware update has now altered the way Save Data is uploaded to the cloud. Previously, if you had a PS+ subscription, your Save Data would automatically get uploaded to the cloud, if you had enabled the option to do so in the settings of the PS4.

As of right now, multiple users are reporting issues with their save data not being uploaded. What happens is that after every session of a game, the save data is uploaded, but it fails automatically since it somehow detects it as a duplicate of another user save. It can also prompt to overwrite the other save data, even if the user is using that account on a single PS4.


If the Save Data is not uploaded, you will see plenty of such failed attempts in the upload menu of the PS4. You can retry them manually, but you will asked to overwrite the save data as seen in the image above. These issues have all appeared in a giant thread on reddit, as well as on popular gaming forum NeoGAF.

One NeoGAF member got his Save Data corrupted after updating to the new firmware. He wasn’t able to restore the backed up Save Data from the PS+ cloud storage, likely pertaining to this same bug. He solved the issue by rebuilding the database.

Whatever is the case, hopefully Sony is working on a fix for these new firmware bugs soon.

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