PS4 Has 70% of the Current Gen Market Share in Italy; Not a Single Xbox One or Wii U Title in the Top 10 Games Sold

Today Sony has revealed to VG247 Italy in occasion of the announcement of the Italian PlayStation League, Sony’s take on the eSports, that PlayStation 4 has a market share of 70% for what concerns current gen consoles. Additional info released is that the console is outpacing PS3 in the same timeframe by 60%. Also, every PS4 owner out of 2 has a PlayStation Plus subscription. Pretty crazy.


For reference, Sony has always had the preferred console by the gamers in Italy since the original PlayStation. The fantastic launch and the right decisions behind the philosophy of the PS4 made the choice rather easy for Italian gamers. Microsoft was never a “threat” for Sony in this market, even though Xbox 360 was a ble to create a respectable amount of market share.

Let’s take a look at the weekly console sales courtesy of Aesvi:


As you can see 6 of the 1o places of the list are PS4 titles, with no Xbox One or Wii U game. If that’s not enough, let’s take a look at the console sales for the month of April:


It’s clear that Sony has made all the right decisions to win gamers, or more accurately, to let them stay in their ecosystem. As an Italian gamer, I can confirm that PS4’s presence is really strong in the community.

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