PS4 DLNA support coming early 2015, PS Mobile App Redesign in works and more

We’re all excited to find about what new features are coming to our PS4s in the coming months. Verified Sony Employee /u/IWorkForSony shared some interesting information over at the PS4 subreddit.

He talked about upcoming DLNA support for PS4, a redesign for the PS Mobile App and PS3 entitlements possibly carrying over to PS Now.


In regards to much awaited DLNA support, IWorkForSony estimated an early 2015 release date. He also noted that Video and MP3 support could come as early by the Holiday season this year.

I’d say early 2015 for DLNA.

MP3 and Video Players by the Holiday season (MP3 maybe sooner)

A much need redesign to the PS Mobile App is also in the works, which IWorkForSony described as more functional and modern.

There’s a redesign in the works. It should be more functional and modern (read: less cheesy blue boxes)

He also revealed that PS3 entitlements previously own or bought will not transfer to the public release of PS Now. Tough luck folks!

Those rumors are wrong. Entitlements for PS3 games won’t carry over to PS Now.

Which feature do you want the most to be added to the Playstation 4? Let us know in the comments below.

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