PS4 Exclusive Bloodborne is Currently the Most Viewed Game on Twitch

Bloodborne is not only a critical success judging from its review scores, it is also extremely popular among the hardcore gaming crowd judging from its twitch stream viewers.

Bloodborne has just launched in North America and will be released in Europe tomorrow, but it has already amassed tons of viewers on Twitch. Currently Bloodborne is the most viewed game on Twitch, beating the popular League of Legends on PC.


Considering the fact that Bloodborne is exclusive to a single platform, and it is a new IP, this is a mighty impressive feat. It also shows that the game is extremely popular among the dedicated gaming crowd.

Bloodborne pre-load is also live in North America including a day 1 patch that enables online multiplayer and has some additional game and performance improvements.

Bloodborne is out today in North America exclusively on the PlayStation 4. It will be released in Europe tomorrow on March 25, 2015. From Software developed the game in collaboration with Sony Computer Entertainment Japan, and it was directed by acclaimed director Hidetaka Miyazaki.

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