Bloodborne: All Right and Left Hand Weapon Stats and Ranking at Level +10

Bloodborne is a PS4 exclusive from From Software and now that a game has been released worldwide, we are getting more details about the game mechanics and its weapons. If you want to look at the weapon stats of any one of the right or left hand weapon at Level +10, you can take a look at the screenshots below.

Thanks to a duplication bug, which allows user to duplicate basically any item in the game, one particular user has managed to level up all of his right and left hand weapons to +10 and shared their stats online. You can check them out in the weapon stats screenshots below.

Right Hand Weapons:

Hunter Axe +10

bloodborne-all-weapon-stats-10+ (3)

Saw Spear +10

bloodborne-all-weapon-stats-10+ (4)

Saw Cleaver +10

bloodborne-all-weapon-stats-10+ (5)

Threaded Cane +10

bloodborne-all-weapon-stats-10+ (7)

Kirkhammer +10

bloodborne-all-weapon-stats-10+ (8)

Reiterpallasch +10

bloodborne-all-weapon-stats-10+ (10)

Logarius’ Wheel +10

bloodborne-all-weapon-stats-10+ (11)

Blade of Mercy +10

bloodborne-all-weapon-stats-10+ (13)

Tonitrus +10

bloodborne-all-weapon-stats-10+ (14)

Buried Blade +10

bloodborne-all-weapon-stats-10+ (15)

Rifle Spear +10

bloodborne-all-weapon-stats-10+ (17)

Chikage +10

bloodborne-all-weapon-stats-10+ (19)

Ludwig’s Holy Blade +10

bloodborne-all-weapon-stats-10+ (20)

Stake Driver +10

bloodborne-all-weapon-stats-10+ (24)

Beast Claw +10

bloodborne-all-weapon-stats-10+ (22)

Left Hand Weapons:

Hunter Pistol +10

bloodborne-all-weapon-stats-10+ (2)

Rosamarinus +10

bloodborne-all-weapon-stats-10+ (1)

Hunter’s Torch +10

bloodborne-all-weapon-stats-10+ (6)

Cannon +10

bloodborne-all-weapon-stats-10+ (9)

Evelyn +10

bloodborne-all-weapon-stats-10+ (12)

Hunter Blunderbuss +10

bloodborne-all-weapon-stats-10+ (16)

Flamesprayer +10

bloodborne-all-weapon-stats-10+ (18)

Ludwig’s Rifle +10

bloodborne-all-weapon-stats-10+ (21)

Repeating Pistol +10

bloodborne-all-weapon-stats-10+ (23)

Bloodborne also has a mysterious Beasthood stat, you can read out more about it from here. You can also take a look at the best farming spots for blood vials, blood echoes and more from here. In case you missed out on the news, you should be aware that Insight can actually alter the in-game difficulty making it much more harder depending on how much you currently have it.

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