PS4 Exclusive Until Dawn Shows The Power Of Killzone: Shadow Fall Engine In These Direct-Feed Screenshots

Until Dawn is an upcoming PS4 exclusive that is being developed by Supermassive Games. While it was originally in development for the PS3, the developers shifted their focus to the PS4 in late 2013 and it was officially announced for PS4 in August 2014. This has allowed the developers to use the Killzone: Shadow Fall engine for their game, resulting in graphics that fit the cinematic nature of the game, often looking like pre-rendered movies.

Killzone: Shadow Fall was a launch game for the PlayStation 4, developed by Guerrilla Games. It was praised for its gorgeous graphics on the PS4 and still holds well to this day. Since Until Dawn uses Killzone’s engine, it also looks great and has highly detailed character models.

NeoGAF user X-Factor managed to snag an early copy of the game and has shared some great looking direct-feed screenshots, giving a glimpse of the graphics in the game. You can check these screenshots below.

The game has a very atmospheric lighting which sets the overall tone of the game very well. Since it is a Survival Horror Adventure, it features multiple choices for its story and depending on what the players will choose, they can decide the fate of the various characters.

Until Dawn will be out on August 25th in North America and August 26th in Europe exclusively on the PS4.

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