PS4 Exclusive Days Gone To Release In 2019 According To Official PlayStation Website

Days Gone was confirmed to release in 2018 by none other than Shuhei Yoshida at PSX 2017. There was no official announcement for the release year although the official PlayStation website listed it as releasing in 2018. This has been changed to 2019 now with an update to the website which points towards a potential delay, although something that technically wasn’t announced by Sony.

Days Gone is an open world survival horror game from Sony Bend Studio. The game premiered at E3 2016 and was considered a more direct The Last of Us  with a focus on hundreds of zombies being shown at a time on screen. The E3 gameplay reveal was exciting and ripe for potential where the horde of zombies smashes and destroyed obstacles to reach the player. Another gameplay demo was later shown at E3 2017 although there was no release date given for it.

Update: Sony has confirmed to us that Days Gone will now launch in 2019.


Days Gone was confirmed to launch in 2018 by Shuhei Yoshida at PSX 2017. Yoshida was also confident in the state of the game and revealed that it was playable from the start till the end. The update to the official PlayStation website now puts the game as releasing in 2019 so perhaps plans have changed now, or the game needs more time in development.

Days Gone will be released exclusively for the PS4. If the release year change is correct, then it will launch next year possibly alongside other PS4 exclusives like Ghost of Tsushima and The Last of Us Part 2. The game is being developed by Sony Bend Studio who have previously worked on the Syphon Filter franchise.

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