PS4 Exclusive Days Gone Release Date Possibly Leaked Through Official YouTube Channel

Days Gone was recently seen at Sony’s E3 2017 conference. This was the second appearance for the game that was originally revealed at E3 2016 and then disappeared for close to one whole year until it resurfaced back at this E3. Despite this, the game wasn’t confirmed for any release window as much as a release date.

The developers of Days Gone have been interviewed on multiple occasions and asked to give a comment on a potential release date and they always remain tight lipped about it, but now a video posted on the official PlayStation channel has listed the release date for the game as December 29, 2017. You can watch this video from here and the release date written on the video can be seen in the screenshot below.

This is rather strange inclusion since every game that was shown in the video was given a release window except for Detroit Become Human, which was listed as ‘In development for PS4’ while Days Gone segment basically listed a release date for the game. It is entirely possible that this is a mistake but considering it is the official PlayStation channel, you can take this as a rumor for now.

Days Gone, just like Horizon Zero Dawn and God of War, was a major focus at two of Sony’s E3 conference but unlike these two, Days Gone never received a release window. In any case, we might be able to find out about a potential release window at the upcoming PSX 2017.

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