PlayStation CEO Says PS4 Has Entered Its Final Phase Of Life Cycle

PS4 launched almost 4 and half years ago in Holiday 2013. It was the top selling console for years to come and set new sales record for Sony. It is currently on pace to sell well over 100 million but this hasn’t stopped Sony from talking about its life cycle.

PlayStation’s new CEO, John Kodera, recently spoke about the final phase of life cycle for the PS4 hinting at a potential announcement for the PS5. He talked about this on Sony IR Day 2018 where they share information regarding their short and mid-term plans for the future.

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When talking about the PlayStation 4, John Kodera stated that the console has now entered its final phase of life cycle. This should not surprising for those who were around for the PS1 or PS2. Both of these consoles were on the market for a little over 6 years before a successor was announced for them. If the same holds true for the PS4, we might get a successor for it in 2019 at the earliest or 2020 depending on how Sony plans it.

It is entirely possible that the PS4 will keep selling well even when Sony launches the PS5. It still has an incredible library of games and will still likely get supported leading into the new console life cycle. Not to mention the fact that PS4 Pro has managed to increase the life expectancy of the PS4 eco system for a few years.

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