PS4 Firmware 3.15 rolls out today

Sony has just announced that the PS4 will be receiving a new firmware update today. According to the console maker, PS4 Firmware 3.15 is a minor update that is designed to improve system performance. This isn’t the first time the PS4 has received such an update, as the console OS has been given several stability fixes in the past.


Information regarding the arrival of the PS4 firmware 3.15 was revealed via the official Playstation twitter account. The tweet can be seen below.

Sony has been rather secretive about what feature or functionality these stability updates are meant to improve in terms of system performance. The OS is certainly more responsive and easier to navigate than it was at launch. However, those looking for new features are bound to be disappointed by firmware update 3.15.

It’s likely that the potential PS4 firmware 3.20 would bring new OS features and visible changes down the road, but for now, PS4 owners are going to have to make do with better system performance.

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Muhammad Ali Bari

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