PS4 Firmware Update 2.51 Silently Released, Available For Download Now [Update]

Update 3: The firmware is now officially available for download. You can read more about it from here.

Sony has silently released a brand new firmware update 2.51 for the PS4. Strangely enough, this firmware update is not available to download from the actual console yet, but it is available for download from the official website. There is no changelog yet but judging from its increment number, we can expect it to be a minor stability update.

If you want to download this firmware through official website, you can head over to this link and grab the update file from there. We will update this article once a changelog becomes available (via Videogamer).

Update: Videogamer noted that the current update file on Sony’s official server is still the old 2.50 firmware update despite the website stating the opposite. The official firmware update should be live on server at some point today.

Update 2: Sony has now removed any reference to this new update from the official website so we can chalk this up to a mistake. It is likely that we would get a new firmware but perhaps it was not supposed to be released today. you can still see the old image showing the 2.51 update below.


The last firmware update for the PlayStation 4 was released at the end of March and it was a major update finally bringing the long requested Suspend/Resume feature to the PlayStation 4.

Let us know if you have updated to this new firmware in the comments below

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