PS4 Firmware Update 3.50 Is Live, Download Size And Changelog Revealed

Sony has released the latest system software update for the PS4 today. This new firmware update the PS4 system to version 3.50 and includes a whole wealth of new features and additions, including the highly requested PS4 to PC Remote Play for PC and Mac.

The download size for this new firmware update is around 300 MB and you can read its full changelog below.

Main features in version 3.50 update

  • You can now create events. Select(Events) > [Create Event], set the date and time, number of players who can join, and other details, and then send invitations to players you want to play with. You can also create events in(Messages).
  • (Play Together) has been added to(Party). For online multiplayer games that support the Play Together feature, you can automatically invite other players and start game sessions immediately.
  • Notification messages are now displayed when Friends go online. You can change the setting in(Settings) > [Notifications] > [When Friends Go Online].
  • You can now change your online status to offline, even if you are actually online. When you log in to the PS4™ system, select [Log In With Online Status [Appear Offline]] from the options menu. You can also change your status from your profile screen or the quick menu.
  • You can now use Remote Play on a computer (Windows® or Mac) that has(PS4 Remote Play) installed. Download(PS4 Remote Play) from the following website, install it, and then connect to your PS4™ system.
  • You can now broadcast gameplay on dailymotion.

Other features in version 3.50

  • You can now send event or party invitations to groups or communities.
  • You can now share other players’ activities. In [What’s New], for example, select an activity to share, and then select(Share Activity).
  • When uploading screenshots or video clips, players can now tag others they’ve played games with. To choose who can tag you, select(Settings) > [PlayStation™Network/Account Management] > [Privacy Settings] > [Sharing Your Experience] > [Tags].
  • Depending on the content, verified accounts are now displayed on the content info screen so that you can follow the accounts more easily.
  • PlayStation™Network service status can now be checked by selecting(Settings) > [Network] > [View Status of PlayStation™Network Services].
  • Notification messages are no longer displayed when Friends join parties. You can change the setting in(Settings) > [Notifications] > [When Friends Join a Party].
  • Users of a certain age can now create sub accounts without waiting for a master account holder to sign in to PlayStation™Network. For sub account users to access network features, the master account holder must sign in and provide approval. The master account holder can also set parental controls in(Settings) > [Parental Controls].
  • More features now support accessibility.


In addition to the firmware update, Sony has also released a brand new update for the PlayStation App on iOS/Android.

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