PS4 Firmware Update 4.70 Is Apparently Soft Bricking Console For Users

Sony has recently released a brand new update for the PS4 today. This update implements some minor changes like giving the different icons on the dashboard a retouched look, or adding new tournament features. However there are some alarming reports out there about the update causing the PS4 to soft brick resulting in the user resorting to safe mode in order to make the console run again.

Normally when it comes to a firmware update, issues are expected however in the case of this latest firmware update, the issues appear to be more widespread leading to a sense of frustration and panic among users. There is a huge reddit thread with multiple PS4 users confirming that they are facing issues after installing this new update on their PS4.


Thankfully while these issues do occur after the update, they can be fixed by going into safe mode. reddit is not the only place with the reports about the PS4 firmware update issues, some NeoGAF users are also reporting similar issue with their PS4 after installing the new update. Here are some of the comments made by users after this new update.

Hey, I’ve just had a very similar problem. The ps4 got stuck on the wavy blue thing and after 5+ restarts it finally got to the main menu. Now I’ve got no playstation network connection.

Same thing happened to me this morning. Turn off your ps4 by holding the power button. Boot to safe mode by holding the power button until you hear two beeps.

While in safe mode, restore storage, restart, boot back to safe mode, then install the update (use the from internet option) from there. Fixed the issue and working as usual. Hope that helps someone.

I got a blue screen of death when this update pushed through!

Managed to save my ps4 by updating in safe mode but what the hell Sony? Unless it was coincidence.

This shit has totally been fucking up my PS4. Turned it on today to only see the blue waves for about 10 minutes. Held the power button, nothing happened. Had to pull the power to get it to shut down.

Turned it back on, did the checking status stuff, then went back to the blue waves, gave me a notice about using a disk version of an application vs a digitally downloaded one? That went away, then I got a notification that simply said “Update the system software”.

If you are affected by any of these issues, it is highly recommended to check out safe mode and try to use options like restoring database, and if this doesn’t work, try re-installing the firmware from safe mode. Hopefully it can solve your issue if you have managed to soft brick your PS4 after installing this new update.

Let us know if you are facing any problems after installing the new firmware update in the comments below.

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