PS4 Firmware Update 4.72 Introduces Online Status Bug; Here’s How To Fix It

Sony has released a brand new PS4 firmware update yesterday that mostly relates to the stability of the system software, but some users are now reporting that it has also introduced a bug with the online status of the PSN account.

If you have installed the new firmware update, there is a chance that you might be seen as ‘offline’ on PSN even if you are actually online and have set your status on PS4 to online. This bug was introduced after the new firmware update with reports emerging from online forums like NeoGAF and reddit talking about the same issue.

Thankfully this is not a major bug and it can be simply fixed by simply going into the settings menu and then logging out and logging back into your PlayStation Network account. Hopefully this will fix the issue for those who were affected by it after the latest firmware update for PS4.

Let us know if you have managed to solve the issue by attempting the fix mentioned in the article in the comments below.

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