PS4 Firmware Update 5.00 Will Be Released Today, Changelog Detailed

Sony has officially confirmed the features that will be a part of the upcoming PS4 firmware update. The update will be also available to beta testers starting today. The features that will be a part of this upcoming update were detailed and unfortunately they appear to be fairly basic despite the fact that this is a major firmware update with the jump to version 5.00.

The following are some of the new features that Sony has listed on the official PlayStation Blog. You will be able to update to the latest firmware if you signed up for the beta test early this month.

Broadcast feature updates

  • Communities

If you’ve set up a community on your PS4, you can now link your community to your live gameplay broadcast. When a broadcast is linked to a community, the community button appears on the ‘Live from PlayStation’ spectator screen, allowing any spectator to jump directly into your community page to check out the details or join.

  • PlayStation VR

We’ve added a new setting in PlayStation VR: ‘Display Message to Spectators and Spectators’ Comments’. Once this is enabled, spectator comments sent during a broadcast are displayed not only in cinematic mode, but also in VR mode – so you’ll be able to read comments and interact with spectators from within your PS VR headset.

  • PlayStation 4 Pro

Good news for Twitch users: with this update, PS4 Pro will support 1080p 60fps streaming on Twitch..

Message improvements

You’ve already been able to share your favourite music to Twitter and Facebook via Spotify and PlayStation Music, but now you’ll also be able to share individual tracks by sending a message on PS4.

Notifications updates

We’ve added a new setting that allows you to disable pop-up notifications while you’re watching a movie or TV show on your PS4. This setting is set to ‘off’ by default, so go to Settings > Notifications to enable it.

Quick Menu updates

If you want to keep an eye out on what’s happening in your Notifications tab – like game download progress or new invitations – you can now access this directly from the Quick Menu without leaving your game.

The firmware will go live later today for those who have a beta invite to download the firmware while for those who don’t have it, they will have to wait for an official public release of the firmware once the beta test is over.


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