PS4 Firmware Update 5.50 Is Open For Beta Test; Here’s How To Register For It

Sony has recently confirmed that a major new firmware update will launch soon for the PS4, however before it is released, they have announced a beta for it, as it was the case with some of the previous important firmware updates for the PS4.

The new firmware update info is still shrouded in mystery however if you are curious and fancy some beta testing on this firmware, you can register yourself in order to get the download for the beta test once it is available. The registration are now open across all regions including US, Europe and Japan. The links below can be used to register for you respective region.

The beta test is available in the following region along with the link to the sign-up for them.

PlayStation 4 5.50 Firmware Update Beta (USA)

PlayStation 4 5.50 Firmware Update Beta (Europe)

PlayStation 4 5.50 Firmware Update Beta (Japan)

When it comes to system software updates for the PS4, Sony is usually a bit slower to release new ones unlike Microsoft who are constantly revamping and renovating their firmware for the Xbox One. The last major firmware update was 5.00 and it added some new features to the PlayStation 4’s OS. It remains to be seen what kind of features are being planned for this new firmware update by Sony.

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