PS4 Firmware Update 5.50 Finally Allows System Wide Supersampling On PS4 Pro

PS4 Pro owners can finally get the most out of their system if they are gaming on a 1080p display. It has been discovered that the new beta firmware update now allows supersampling on every game whether the developers have implemented it or not. Previously, developers had to manually enable it for a game if they wanted to get 1080p owners to benefit from the higher resolution on the PS4 Pro.

The new supersampling can be toggled by going into the settings menu and display options. It can be triggered by enabling the checkbox although depending on a game, it can either have no effect on the visuals, or it can have an impact on the frame rate.

This also means that games with higher resolution but terrible performance like The Last Guardian can run at lower frame rate. This isn’t the case for every game and while The Last Guardian plays great on native 1080p mode, it does have some frame rate issues running at a higher resolution on the PS4. If you see any such issue, make sure to disable supersampling mode and play the game on the default resolution on your PS4 Pro. Although if you play it on a 4K TV, it will still run at a higher resolution which means you will have to manually trigger 1080p resolution by forcing it through the display options.

PS4 Firmware Update 5.50 is available now while you can take a look at its features as well. There might be more changes in the firmware but since it has been just released, we will have to wait for official patch notes to see the confirmed list of new features.

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