PS4 Firmware Update 5.53-01 Released, Strangely Small In Size

Sony has released a brand new firmware update today for some specific PS4 users. This firmware update doesn’t appear to contain any major changes and it mostly relates to changes that were introduced in the 5.53 firmware update. If you still haven’t updated your PS4, you will have to go through with this mandatory firmware update.

The full size of the firmware update is usually more than 400 MB but this short patch appears to be just 70 MB as seen in the image below.

PS4 Firmware Update 5.53 Is Live

I have updated my PS4 to this new system software version and instead of doing a full install, I just received a soft reboot making it look like a patch instead.

There is no word on the changes that might be introduced in this new update. There was not even a changelog that is usually listed when you install the update once the download is complete. It is highly likely that this is another update for the changes in the privacy settings that users in EU region might get once they try to login into their account.

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The most recent update for the PS4 was 5.53 and you can read all about it from here. Sony hasn’t officially commented on this firmware update and there has never been such a weird firmware version released for PS4 with the -01 extension for it. Perhaps we will find out about it soon enough, but in the meanwhile, you will still have to update your PS4 before you can access the online features.

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