PS4 Firmware Update 6.0 Beta Doesn’t Offer Any “Major Consumer-Facing Features”

Sony has started to send out invites for the PS4 firmware update 6.0 beta. This is a big jump from the last firmware update but the email suggests that there are no major features that are available to beta test in this firmware.

The current set of invites are being sent through email to those who had registered for the beta test last month.

The official message that is sent in the email can be read below.

As a member of the PlayStation®4 System Software Beta Trial programme, we are pleased to give you first access to the 6.00 Beta, which is now live.

At this Beta stage, the 6.00 update does not include any new major consumer-facing features. However we would still value the community’s help in fine-tuning the performance and stability improvements the update brings.

Use the button below to download your unique Beta voucher code, which can be redeemed on PlayStation®Store.

Make sure you share your experience with us on the Beta private forum, and report bugs or performance issues here.

Thank you for your participation. We look forward to seeing you online during the Beta!

The wording listed here makes it clear that unlike the past firmware update beta tests, there are no new features that users can test, and instead the focus is on performance and stability improvements.

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