PS4 Firmware Update 6.0 comparison shows faster Navigation, Game Installs, Sharing and more

Sony released PS4 Firmware Update 6.0 earlier this month without warning which confused everyone as nobody knew exactly what was including in the latest major update.

As with any firmware release, PS4 owners were expecting Sony to add new features and change the design a bit, but after rebooting their consoles no one could really tell a difference. Sony just gave a very generic patch note “This system software update improves system performance.”

A new comparison tests just how fast PS4 Firmware 6.0 exactly is by comparing with a Firmware 2.5 console.

Both consoles compared are standard launch edition 500GB consoles, that were formatted before starting the test. The test compared the following metrics:

  • Login Speed
  • UI Navigation
  • Game Installs
  • Multitasking mid-game/navigating UI
  • Share Button & Capture Gallery

Check out the comparison below:

As you can see PS4 Firmware 6.0 is faster in every single benchmark. I hadn’t really realized how faster Game Installs had become after all these years, you barely have to wait before starting a new game.

As someone who has had several PS4s since launch, I hadn’t really thought about how far the console has come in terms of performance. The performance benefits were obviously added overtime and not all at one in the PS4 Firmware 6.0 that we’re talking about today, but it makes you think that there aren’t any useless updates are there?

Thoughts on the comparison? Let us know in the comments.

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