PS4 Firmware Update 6.00 Beta 3 Finally Makes A Much Requested Change

If you are a part of the latest PS4 Firmware Update beta program, you should be able to download a new version of the firmware. The download size of this firmware update is around 430 MB. There are no official update notes available for it but according to some user reports, it has now added a new PS4 Store search UI which is faster and snappier than the old one.

The screenshots of the new UI were posted on gaming forum resetERA and they show a better looking and cleaner UI. If you want to see how the old search looked, we have also added a comparison for it below.

Judging from the comparison, this looks to be a much better version of the UI. In the old version, you had to search by picking up a combination of letters, while you are free to select them from a keyboard now. It is just confusing to see why Sony decided to pick the old design since it was nowhere good. At least they have made the changes now.

This new change is only available in PS4 firmware update 6.0 beta 3 so you will have to wait for an official public release of the new firmware before you can download and use this store update.

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