PS4 games to RRP at same price as PS3 games

Generally speaking a new console generation leads to increased prices on the software, for it to then drop a little after that. To say I was expecting a price hike is an understatement. Inflation generally sets prices rising across the board and not to mention the increased development costs. Still, we’ve got good news today.

Sony have yet again gone against the norms and in a statement to shacknews a Sony representative has announced that all four of the PS4 launch titles developed by Sony are retailing at $59.99 which is the same as the current generation. That means here in the UK they should also be at around £39.99.

This pricing is only representative of Sony and their first party games. Any games developed and published third party are to be priced as the respective teams feel fit, which I imagine does mean we will see such as Call of Duty: Ghosts at a higher price, which Activision have done with the latest Call of Duty games.

Infamous Second Son

The first party games that come under this price point are InFamous: Second Son, Killzone: Shadow Fall, Knack and Driveclub. The only of those four not to be there at launch is InFamous, which is expected early 2014.

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