PS4 To Get Exclusive Monster Hunter 5 From Capcom – Rumor

Monster Hunter series has remained a portable exclusive for a while now. The game received a release on the Nintendo Wii U along with the Nintendo 3DS but it mostly managed to release exclusively for portable consoles. Now that Monster Hunter XX has been confirmed for the Nintendo Switch, it is time to take a look back at an earlier rumor from 4chan that stated that Monster Hunter 5 might be PS4 exclusive.

Since this rumor originated on 4chan, take it with a massive grain of salt. It is entirely possible that the rumor is not true but the reason we have decided to report on the rumor is the recent news of Monster Hunter XX announcement for the Nintendo Switch, which was also hinted by the rumor. The other thing that was confirmed in this rumor, before the official reveal of Monster Hunter XX, was the name of the game. So this does adds some credibility to state of the rumor.

All things aside, here is what the original rumor stated about the release of Monster Hunter 5 on the PS4.

  • Sony has paid for an exclusive partnership with Capcom to get Monster Hunter 5 as PS4 exclusive.
  • The partnership doesn’t forbid multiplatform release aside from Nintendo Switch.
  • Monster Hunter 5 is aimed at the casual audience and will strip some of the more hardcore mechanics.
  • The game is open world but timers and missions have been now removed.
  • The game is designed for action fights and QTEs are integrated into the combat.
  • They are aiming for online multiplayer with a release originally set for 2018.

It is entirely possible that this rumor is false but again the person who leaked this did get a few things correct. He mentioned that Monster Hunter Portable might continue on the Switch and to keep the audience there, Capcom will release Monster Hunter XX for Switch before Monster Hunter 5 portable. Considering this rumor was last year, Monster Hunter XX Switch has just been confirmed so it is not entirely unreasonable to expect the rest of the rumor to be true. In any case, if Capcom has plans to announce any major projects for PS4, we might get them at the upcoming E3.

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