PS4 Has Shipped 96.8 Million Units, 112.8 Million Expected By March 2020

Sony has shared the updated sales figure for PS4 confirming the new life-to-date shipment for the PS4. The console has now a sell-in of 96.8 million, which makes it 17.8 million for the past fiscal year.

PS4 has continued to sell well for Sony and should reach a new milestone by selling more than 100 million units this fiscal year. It will be the third Sony console to hit this milestone after the PS1 and PS2. PS3 failed to attract the same attention as the previous Sony consoles otherwise every one of them has been a major success for the company so far.

Digital is increasing every year and now contributes to 37% of revenue while the rest is taken by retail. When this generation started, Digital was barely generating a blimp and then increased to 20%. It is now getting closer to retail sales and with a better margin, it is more appealing to the developers and publishers.

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