PS4 Sales Show The Console Leading So Far

2013 is finally behind us. The year which ushered the dawn of the next-gen console war, and from now on, we can only witness which console wins this war.

The number of units of PS4s and Xbox Ones sold by Sony and Microsoft respectively, have been announced and it turns out that Sony’s PS4 has the edge on its competitor.

If we only look at the raw numbers of sales for the year 2013, then it appears that PS4 is outselling Xbox One by a considerable margin. According to the latest numbers announced by Sony at CES, they have sold 4.2 Million units of PS4 worldwide as compared to 3 Million Xbox Ones. However, as we all know, numbers only represent half the story.

Examining these numbers, it is evident that they can not be compared directly as the PS4 not only had a one week head-start, but it is also available in more countries as compared to the Xbox One. The former is available in almost 52 countries where as the latter is only available in 13 countries. So how can we make this comparison a little more meaningful? 

Let’s consider the average sales per week. Sony’s console first went on sale on 15th November and Microsoft’s version went on sale from 22nd November, which gives us a duration (upto 31st December 2013)  of almost 6.5 and 5.5 weeks respectively. Using these numbers, the results show that PS4 has sold roughly 65,000 units per week as compared to Xbox’s 55,000 units per week, which again shows that Sony is leading the race but it is much closer than it appears at first sight.

So, Sony has won the battle, but will it also win the war?

Which console do you prefer and why? Let us know in the comments.

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