PS4 Platinum Headset Release Delayed To January 2017

The release of PlayStation 4’s Platinum Headset has been delayed and it is now set to launch in January 2017. The Platinum Headset was actually scheduled to launch around Christmas, during Holiday Season, but Sony has postponed it.

Sony announced this news via the official PlayStation Twitter Page. This is what the tweet had to say: “PS4’s Platinum Headset, originally scheduled for holiday, is now slated to launch worldwide in January. Thanks for your patience”


PS4’s Platinum Headset has been described as a top of the line product which is made of superior quality material in order to enhance your gaming experience. With the 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound, players will experience each and every sound powered by 3D audio technology. The 3D audio can be fully experienced in selected PS4 games.

The headset will have a 3.5mm audio jack which will make it compatible to other devices as well, like the PlayStation VR Headset. The dual microphones help capture your voice clearly while cancelling out external noises. In addition to this, the 50mm drivers and the exclusive audio modes just add to the gaming experience.

Though Sony has not announced any exact release date for the Platinum Headset as of yet, but a hefty price tag of $159.99 has already been attached to this device.


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