PS4 Pro 72XX Series Gets New Logo Sticker As A Bonus Inside The Box

PS4 Pro 72XX series is the most recent iterative upgrade by Sony and it has a neat little extra packed inside the box.

As we have covered earlier, the upcoming Red Dead Redemption 2 bundle will feature a 72XX series PS4 Pro. This is an upgrade over the 71XX series that was released around the same time as Spider-Man and 500 million limited edition bundles.

Apparently, it is possible now to get this PS4 model ahead of the launch of Red Dead Redemption 2 as Sony has refreshed their current stock of PS4 Pro hardware. There is also a shortage being faced by some retailers.

What is new in this hardware is not just internal changes as it is the case with most iterative upgrades, but Sony is also giving a neat little extra in the form of PlayStation Logo stickers that comes with the box. This definitely seems like some new addition to the default packing, so it is possible that it began with the 72XX series model.

PS4 Pro launched back in November 2016 and has continued to sell decently but the real hardware sales winner is still the PS4 Slim. Even in this case, Sony refreshed the hardware design of Slim recently with a new series model.

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