PS4 Pro Is Getting An Official Price Drop In Japan

PS4 Pro was released in late 2016 but there hasn’t been any official price drop for it until recently.

PS4 Pro is getting a price cut in Japan, as officially announced by PlayStation Japan. This price drop will result in the console falling from 44,980 yen + tax to 39,980 yen + tax. This is approximately $50 USD drop in price for the console, while Sony will also bring back the white console version of the PS4 Pro in Japan.

PS4 Pro is facing stock issues these days so the news of a price drop might seem strange, but they could align with the announcement of a new hardware in early 2019, which is what the rumors have pointed towards so far. Developers are also openly talking about the next generation of consoles these days, and with the current generation almost hitting 5 years life cycle, it is pretty clear cut that we are on the verge of a new generation.

Sony recently dropped PSX 2018 saying that they want to focus on games first and this has led to another rumor suggesting that they are going to have another PlayStation Meeting in early 2019. PS4 was similarly revealed at a PlayStation Meeting event in early 2013 and launched later this year, so maybe PS5 will get the same treatment.

AMD also talked about helping Sony and Microsoft with their consoles and secret sauce, and they are once again working on their next generation hardware, which has been rumored to be a custom-designed Zen CPU based on the AMD navi architecture. Sony CEO also said that PlayStation 4 is in its last year of life cycle so the announcement of a new console might not be that surprising.

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