PS4 Sales Top 82.2 Million Units, 96 Million Forecast By End of March 2019

Sony has released their fiscal year result for the month ending June 30th, 2018. They have also given an updated sales figure for the PS4, which is on pace to pass down 100 million units becoming the 3rd Sony console in history to reach this milestone.

According to the updated figures, PS4 has now shipped 82.2 million units worldwide, which is an increase from the last known figure of around 79 million. They have also improved the sales forecast for the PS4 in the fiscal year 2019, and it is now 96 million, up one million from the previous forecast. They expect to hit this target by March 2019.

PS4 was the fastest selling Sony console after the PS2 and it seems to continue the trend of selling faster than the PS2. While Sony didn’t manage to find the same success with the PS3, which was a rather slow burner, they are currently the market leader with PS4 that is also making their Games and Network Services segment generate the most amount of revenue for the company.

PS4 continues to sell well this year with exclusives like God of War, Detroit: Become Human and boosted with help from Third Party games like Fortnite. Sony has more exclusives planned for 2019 and beyond including the sequel to the critical and commercial hit, The Last of Us Part 2. Others that are announced so far include Ghost of Tsushima, Days Gone and Death Stranding.

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