PS4 Sees A Surge Of Interest As The Japanese Launch Draws Near, Xbox One Almost Non-Existent

PS4 is set to soon launch in Japan on February 22nd. As it happens with most typical hardware launches, the interest in PS4 seems to be peaking with each passing day, as more people are searching for it in Japan, according to Google Trends. Meanwhile, people seem to barely have any interest in the Xbox One.

The current Japanese market is geared towards handhelds and hasn’t shown much of an interest in consoles as of late. Although, it appears that the PS4 has definitely got an appeal there as evident from from the rise in search for the console. Unfortunately, we can’t really base our opinion on this trend as the Wii U also showed similar increase in interest during its launch, which all faded away pretty quickly. Meanwhile the Xbox One seems like it has next to none presence in the Japanese market.

While PS4 might see better sales compared to PS3, which started really slow out of the gate, mainly due to supply issues, it really needs games especially made for the Japanese market in the near future to keep its momentum. As it stands, the upcoming games line-up feels lackluster and even if it has some Japanese games, they are also available on the PS3.

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