PS4 Sells 322k Units In Japan Within Two Days Of Its Launch

According to latest sales report from Famitsu Japan, PlayStation 4 has sold close to 322k units in 2 days of its launch in Japan.

This result is surprisingly decent after all the doom and gloom we heard about the gaming industry in Japan. Sony had delayed the launch of PS4 in Japan for about 3 months, compared to US and UK. The PS4 launched in Japan on 22nd February, 2014. Japanese users were able to get a free game(Knack) alongside their PS4. There were also a couple of Japanese specific games available for PS4 including Yakuza Ishin, Dreamclub and Nobunaga’s Ambition.

It seems like PS4 sold quite decently in Japan according to the latest sales report from Famitsu. It sold about 322k units in just 2 days. Sales tracker Mediacreate had expected a first week shipment of about 350k and it seems like it might be sold out soon, after this latest sales report.

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