PS4 Slim Unboxing Images Show Clickable Buttons, Removal Of LED [Update]

Earlier, we had some rumors regarding a potential PS4 Slim that was supposed to launch alongside PS4 Neo. The Slim version of PS4 was said to be cheaper and lighter compared to the standard PS4 while the Neo version was considerably more powerful than a standard PS4.

Sony will hold an event called PlayStation Meeting on September 7th. While they haven’t officially confirmed the reveal of new hardware at this event, rumors point to this event being the reveal of PS4 Neo and PS4 Slim.

NeoGAF user Venom Fox has managed to obtain some pictures of the PS4 Slim that show the unboxing of the hardware. We have already shared pictures from outside the box but now we can finally see the contents inside the box.

Update: The user who has managed to get a Slim PS4 has now shared a comparison between the new Slim and the original ‘Fat’ PS4. Check it out below.


The new PS4 Slim appears to have different design. It removes the metallic finish from the original PS4 along with the colorful LED that used to show the current state of PS4. The buttons also appear to have been changed from the standard touch-sensitive to clickable buttons.

Alleged PS4 Slim box snapshots out in the wild

While there is no doubt that the images seen above are the real deal, it is still a rumor for now. There is a good chance that an official announcement will happen at the upcoming PlayStation Meeting event.

Let us know what you think about this new PS4 design in the comments below.

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