PS4 Slim vs. PS4 Comparison Reveals Size Difference

PS4 Slim is the real deal and it is apparently already available and ready to to be sold by retailers. We have already shown images of the outer box of the new PlayStation Slim in addition to its unboxing that reveals the new design.

You can now check out a comparison between the new PS4 Slim along with the original PS4. This comparison reveals the size difference between both hardware and as expected, the new PS4 appears to be smaller than the original, much more than what we imagined it to be next to the original.

This comparison can be seen in the images below, courtesy of twitter user shortman82, who has managed to get the PS4 Slim early from an online reseller.

Sony has yet to announce the PS4 Slim but they were hosting an event called PlayStation Meeting on September 7th. This event was focused on the new PS4 Neo according to rumors. There were also rumors about a possible PS4 Slim and it appears to be true judging from the leaked images.

PlayStation Meeting Event Announced For September 7th, Possible PS4 Neo Reveal

PS4 Slim appears to have been redesigned and the front buttons are now no more touch-sensitive, instead they are clickable. The power indicator LED on the top of the console along with its metallic coating appears to have been removed and the hard disk bay is now on the side of the console, like a PS3.

Let us know what you think about this new PS4 design in the comments below.

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