PS4 System Software 4.00 Includes Folder Organizations, Upgraded UI And More

Sony is set to release a new PS4 system software update very soon. The beta for the update will soon be available for users who signed up for it. Beta testers will soon receive an email with instructions on how to download the update beta.

The upcoming updates add tons of new features, as well as changing and improving some of the existing features. The system UI, the Quick Menu, Share Menu, Trophy Menu, and the User profile are getting an upgrade to make them more users friendly. Sony also added a new folder and library organization system.

PS4 System Software

UI Upgrade:

Sony are planning to upgrade the UI to make it more refined and easy to use. The system background and the What’s New tab is being changed. Some smaller changes include updated popup notifications and new system icons.

Quick Menu And Share Menu:

The Quick Menu and the Share menu are also being changed. The Quick Menu will be more responsive, and easier to use. Instead of taking up the whole screen, the Quick Menu will only take up a portion of your screen. New items are also being added to the Quick menu, as now users will be able to check the online status of their friends without having to go to the home screen. The Quick menu will also include shortcuts which will allow users to quickly access Party, Favorite Groups, and more.

The Share Menu, like the Quick Menu, will only take up a portion of your screen. The Share Menu saves the last social network you shared video clips or screenshots to, making video and screenshot sharing a lot faster and easier.

New Folder And Library Organization System:

The New PS4 System Software update will add a new organization system. This will allow users to organize content on their PS4. The update allows users to create folders in the PS4’s content launcher and library. You will be able to add all your favorite applications to your Favorites Folder for easy access.

Sony has also added a Purchased Tab which will showcase all the content you own such as Games, Applications, Demos, etc. With the addition of these tabs, the system will focus on content installed on it, helping the console find the content you are looking for.

Users will also be able to sort the content in the Library by Date of purchase and install status, as well as giving the user the option to search for a game or application via text input.

Trophy Menu:

The trophy menu has also been changed, as now users can view their trophies, even if they are offline. Currently, PS4 users can not view their trophies, if they do not have an internet connection, however, after downloading the upcoming PS4 System Software update, fans will be able to do so.

The update also adds a new button to the trophies menu, which reveals information regarding the hidden trophy. They also changed the icons that shows how rare a trophy is. The icon has been changed to a pyramid with the ultra-rare Trophies at the top.

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User Profile:

The User Profile menu has been changed. You will be able to see your trophy progress compared to your friends. After downloading the update, users will be able to add a background image to their own profile, changing it to a screenshot or any picture you want.

We can expect to see the new PS4 System Software update this month. Share your thoughts on the upcoming system software update in the comment sections below.

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