PS4 System Software Update 4.73 Reportedly Removes Jailbreaking Exploit

Sony has recently released a brand new firmware update for the PS4. The firmware update was a rather surprise one since the last time Sony released a firmware update was back in July, and even that update ended up being a relatively minor one.

The update today might seem like it was for stability and performance of the system software but early reports are pointing towards the removal of a jailbreaking exploit for the PS4. When it comes to PS4 hacking, there is no security exploit that has been found yet, but some hackers have managed to use a small exploit in the game sharing feature of PS4 to copy and share games across multiple different systems. Officially the restriction applies to just one system but with the release of a new easy to solder modchip called MTX, this restriction can be bypassed.

Of course, this is not a proper jailbreaking method for the PS4 and it essentially tries to find a way through the features offered by the system, making limited usage of them unlimited in this case. This method still requires a legitimate PSN ID with legit purchased games and has a huge chance of not only rendering the PSN ID banned, but also flagging the hardware itself leading to a ban from Sony.

Sony seems to be well aware of the exploits by the hackers and the latest firmware update essentially renders it useless again as Sony has now blocked any PS4 accessing their official servers with this update.

Let us know if you have noticed any issue after installing this new firmware update in the comments below.

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