PS4 to get DC Universe Online and Planetside 2

It’s been confirmed today that the PS4 will feature two of Sony’s latest MMO games, Planetside 2 and DC Universe Online.

Planetside 2 is actually a PC exclusive at the moment but it comes as no surprise that they are going to be porting it over to the PS4. Sony have already attempted to bring massive online shooters to the consoles with previous game MAG (Massive Action Game). I actually liked MAG as well, just the community died out fairly quickly, although when I last tried it about a year ago there were still people on it. Back to Planetside 2, I do believe it was revealed towards the end of the PC development that they were also developing it for console in preparation for either a current gen or next gen release, next gen it is.

[youtube width=”602″ height=”350″ video_id=”OO5z0X_AGA0″]

Having played it on the PC I can say I imagine it will end up being well received if they can make it easy enough to control and also do everything wanted. It is a good game, massive in scale and always so much to do.

Planetside 2

DC Universe Online on the other hand is a MMO already on the PS3 and one that people have been playing for a reasonable amount of time. With news of no backwards compatibility for the PS4 it also comes as no shock that they would announce DCUO there, people have put a lot of time into their heroes and they wouldn’t want to lose them.

[youtube width=”602″ height=”350″ video_id=”Swy0_w8SnxA”]

No set release dates have been given as of yet, but at the same time there is no confirmed release date for the PS4. What has been announced is that both games will be free to play digital downloads featured. Here are the announcement trailers for your viewing pleasure:

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