PS4 USB Video Export vs. Facebook Video Export Shows Double The Size And Quality

The newest PS4 firmware update allows export of videos to USB, which results in some great quality videos ready to be uploaded to YouTube. Considering the fact that originally we were stuck with simply uploading to Facebook, this is a great feature to be had, and makes for a good alternative to a capture card.

The good folks over at NeoGAF have compared the USB export video to the Facebook video export and the results show surprisingly level of difference.

First of all, there is the average bitrate. NeoGAF user alr1ght compared the bitrate of the Facebook video export to the USB one.

Here we are talking about an average bitrate of 2.5 MB/sec to a maximum bitrate of 5 MB/sec for the Facebook video, compared to the bitrate of more than 8 MB/sec for the USB Export video. The Facebook export also resulted in a file size of about 18 MB compared to 57 MB for the USB export video. Audio quality was also better with a constant audio bitrate for the USB export video.

Another NeoGAF user Shin-ra compared the USB export video to Facebook export video and noted that the result was way more blurry on the Facebook video. He also compared screens from both version.

Have you used this USB export feature yet? Let us know in the comments below.

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