PS4’s Launch Price will be under $400, According to Analyst

According to a Sterne Agee analyst, Arvind Bhatia, Sony will release their PS4 with a price of less than $400 later this year.

This statement seems completely logical as Sony is bound to release their next generation console at a price that is lower than the initial cost of the PS3 if they want to please the gaming community. The analyst says that Sony has learned from it’s mistake back in 2006 when it launched the PS3 for an “extremely high” price of $600. Sony will keep the price under $400 even if they lose money on it.


On another note, he added that a sub-$400 price point would be a “pleasant surprise,” from Microsoft.

Do you think this price is appropriate for the PS4? Will you be getting it at launch? Let us know in the comments below.

Thanks Gamespot.


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