PS5 Rumor: New Patent Filed By Sony Gives Another Hint At PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4, Backward Compatibility For PS5

Backward Compatibility is a hot topic these days. We were the first to report on the patent that covered PS5 backward compatibility and now another patent has been discovered, that adds more to the original story.

PS5 is getting backward compatibility, at least for the PS4. These comments were also echoed by Digital Foundry editor who said that PS5 backward compatibility is “absolutely” happening.

A new patent that was registered by Sony with Mark Cerny as one of the authors of the patent. This patent talks specifically about backward compatibility on the PS5 and not just with the PS4.

The patent was filed by Sony Japan and in case you think it is old, the publication date is January 31st so it is not that old at all. So what’s interesting in this patent? Well, the subject of the patent itself is good enough to attract some attention but the way it uses an algorithm that is able to detect the application running and use it to interpret and determine the appropriate platform.

The aim of this patent is to make the legacy applications run on a more modern platform, supposedly the PS5 in this case. This will let the CPU emulate the older game code with their original behavior on different hardware. As explained before, this is different from the patent covered earlier which was about remastering these old games on new hardware through emulation.

PS5 Backward Compatibility: How Will PS5 Backward Compatibility Work?

Now, this is just our theory but the remaster patent could be just for the PS4 while this patent is for the older games like PS1, PS2, and PS3.

Right now, what we think is that Sony is going to offer the PS4 backward compatibility in a way that lets the game get improvements on PS5. While some of it will happen naturally due to dynamic resolution or unlocked frame rate, others can be perhaps emulated in a way that bypasses the original restrictions set in the code and makes the games emulate at a higher resolution or frame rate. It is just our speculation on this whole backward compatibility rumor so please treat it as such, and not some official confirmation.

Legacy systems like the PS1, PS2, and PS3 can benefit from the same method, but due to the different hardware architecture, they will require more resource to achieve the same task. PS4 to PS5 is simple x86 hardware upgrade so the emulation should be much easier. PS1 to PS3 emulation with improvements like 4K seem tricky so we wouldn’t bet on it, and just the original game emulated with its intended resolution and minor improvements where it is possible to do so will work fine.

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