PS5 Confirmed To Launch In Holiday 2020, Has Haptic Feedback Controller

PS5 is confirmed to launch in Holiday 2020. The official name is now also confirmed to be PlayStation 5 which was revealed by Jim Ryan, CEO of SIE.

In an exclusive story on PS5 published on The Wired, Sony Interactive Entertainment has shared some information on the status of PS5 and its launch window.

  • The official name of next-generation PlayStation console is PlayStation 5
  • Ray tracing support is hardware-based, which is likely from AMD GPU
  • New SSD will help boot times, loading times and streaming
  • The controller has now adaptive triggers, haptic feedback, new speakers, USB Type-C
  • PlayStation 5 devkit is real and that developers already have access to both the devkit and the new controller
  • DualShock 5 has a better battery life
  • It is heavier than DualShock 4 but lighter than an Xbox One controller with batteries in it
  • Haptic feedback could have been included in the PS4 Pro but they decided against it
  • OS will feature major changes like doing modular installs (SP or MP)
  • There might be additional functionality to include support for instant joining friends in MP

PS5 will arrive in Holiday 2020. Ghost of Tsushima, The Last of Us Part 2, and Death Stranding were mentioned as games that will likely benefit from the PS5 hardware.

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