PS5 Hardware Specs Leaked Through Product Code For The New AMD Custom Silicon [Rumor]

PS5 hardware specs have potentially leaked online through a listing for product code for the new AMD Custom Silicon.

While this product code doesn’t normally list any information, some clever reading into the description for the code lines it up with earlier custom silicon that were released by AMD previously for the PlayStation 4.

This information from the product code was shared by Twitter user Komachi, who not only confirmed that it is likely a custom SoC (system on a chip) from Sony, the TDP values, processing speed and more were deducted through this product code.

Adding to this, another Twitter user further provided evidence that this is the next-gen PS5 custom silicon from AMD.

So what kind of specs can we get from this new leak for the upcoming AMD Custom Silicon?

PS5 Hardware Specs Leaked

  • CPU – Eight-core at 3.2 GHz
  • Architecture – AMD Zen (No confirmation but could be Zen 2 or Zen+)
  • GPU – Navi 10Lite

There is not a whole lot to go on with this information, but at least the CPU should offer a decent upgrade over the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro if these specs turn out to be for the upcoming PS5.

There have been many rumors about the PS5 in the past ranging from a leak about specs, Sony’s patent for backward compatibility, Sony revamping PSN to devs listing the PS5 as a platform in their LinkedIn profile. We also have many game developers already hiring for the next-generation, so looking ahead, this is an exciting time for console gamers.

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