First Rumored Hardware Specs For PS5 Leaked Online

PS5 is the next step for Sony after their surprising success as a market leader with the PS4. Even though the next generation console still seems to be far out of release or any potential leaks, new rumor points towards a list of specs that can be a part of the upcoming console.

The source of the rumor is the website Semi Accurate, who has been mostly accurate with their past leaks for the PS4 hardware back in 2012, and Nintendo Switch hardware being developed by Nvidia. They have now leaked the potential specs for the PlayStation 5 confirming some of the details around its development.

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According to the article which is behind a rather ridiculous paywall ($1000), PS5 will be based on the AMD navi architecture but doesn’t specifically use it in hardware. The CPU will be a custom-designed Zen with an unknown clock speed. Interesting, this next generation console is supposed to offer VR with built-in dedicated hardware, as the website states VR support will be included at the silicone level.

Aside from the rumored specs, the author himself speculates that based on the large amount of devkits that were sent by Sony to various developers, the console might launch in 2018. This seems to be highly unlikely considering the fact that PS4 is still doing really well in console sales not just in North America but rest of the world as well.

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