PS5 Load Times Compared With PS4 Pro And The Result Is Insanely Fast

Sony PlayStation confirmed their upcoming console, PS5 recently in an interview with Wired. They have now shared a video demonstration of the promised load times with Spider-Man running on the PS4 Pro and PS5.

The video demonstrates the load times that can be expected from games running on the PS5. It will use a next-generation version of the SSD technology to stream assets making it several times faster than the PS4 or PS4 Pro. Loading times are not the only thing that is improved but the open world streaming can also happen several times faster now and without any hitches in the middle.

It took 8 seconds for the PS4 Pro to load in Spider-Man while PS5 was able to load it under one second. This impressive result speaks volume about the next-generation plans for Sony that they have in store for the PS5.

The other test was done regarding streaming in the open world and the PS4 Pro struggled to load the world when the camera moved through it at a fast rate. PS5 had no issue streaming assets in and out with the same high-speed camera and managed to reach the end of the demo.

Sony will release the PS5 after March 2020 and they haven’t announced a release window for it, but it is speculated that the console will launch at the end of 2020.

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