PS5 Will “Absolutely” Have Backward Compatibility, Says Editor At Digital Foundry [Report]

PS5 hardware will feature backward compatibility with the PS4 so you don’t have to worry about losing access to your PS4 library next generation, according to a new report.

PS5 dev kits are out there as we reported earlier. The rumors about backward compatibility being offered for the PS5 first started when a patent was uncovered that revealed how Sony was planning to approach the emulation of older consoles.

Digital Foundry posted a new video recently where they talked about the next generation console rumors and gave a detailed breakdown of what they know about it so far. According to them, both Microsoft and Sony have given their next generation console dev kits to the developers.

The specs that are leaked are usually fake and while there might be some truth behind them, nothing is final since dev kits to the final retail product can undergo some radical changes. It happened with Xbox One which received a boost in processing speed for the CPU and GPU, and it also happened with PS4 which ended up shipping with 8 GB of GDDR5 RAM.

Backward compatibility is still a big question mark even though rumors state that backward compatibility will happen eventually for the PS5. Now one of the editors at Digital Foundry has chimed in and said that backward compatibility is “absolutely” coming to the PS5.

He didn’t specify if this means all older PlayStation consoles or just PS4, but at least you will still have access to your library with the PS5. It will be harder to emulate the older consoles but this is where the PlayStation Now streaming service comes into action since it can stream PS2 and PS3 games, although the selection of titles that are available right now are limited.

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