PS5’s Next-gen PS VR 2 could possibly work wirelessly

A new PS VR patent has been published in Japan that shows the device working wirelessly.

We all know the PS5 is coming, along with a possible new version of the PS VR headset that is speculated to be named the PS VR 2. A newly published patent in Japan hints at what we could expected from the new Virtual Reality tech from Sony.

The patent isn’t really for a Wireless PS VR tech as per say, but instead a technology that automatically switches wireless frequencies to ensure a constant connection even while the user is moving around. The patent showcases the PS VR breakout box transmitting between 5GHz and 60GHz wireless signals to the headset from the console.

A frequency band determination device, a head mount display, a frequency band determination method, and a program capable of switching a frequency band used for communication earlier than before according to a change in an environment in which a communication device or a communication partner is placed

As 60GHz signals are more linear and faster but have a shorter range, 5GHz is used as a backup to maintain connection when the 60GHz signal is expected to cut out. This is done automatically and on the fly using the technology in the patent.

Do note that although the patent images show the current PS VR headset and PS4 console, they are for reference purposes only. The tech is most likely to be incorporated into the PS5 and PS VR 2.

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Thoughts on the patent? A VR headset without any wires would certainly be awesome.

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