PSA: Latest Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Patch fixes XP Glitch

If you are like me and left sidequests that your character was too high-leveled for because of the XP glitch then you’ll be glad to know that the latest Witcher 3 Wild Hunt patch has fixed the issue. The XP glitch had quests whose recommend level was 6 or more below Geralt’s current level not give you any exp.

The fix allows players to play those quests and get experience as normal but as far as I’ve noticed the experience gained is a tiny amount. The quests I did today gave me 5-50 experience points each ,depending on how low-level the quest was, which is pretty low. However sidequests don’t give a lot of experience anyway as by design in The Witcher 3 most of the experience is gained by doing the main story quests. So I would recommend you do the main story and sidequests side by side.


CD Projekt Red should increase this amount but if they were gonna do it they would do it in the recent patch, I guess we’e stuck with sub 50 exp per low-level quest now.

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The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt is now available for Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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