PSA: PS4 Firmware Update 3.00 Beta Invites Currently Being Sent To Users

Sony has starting sending PS4 Firmware Update 3.00 Beta invites to users who have registered themselves for Beta firmware updates. If you still haven’t checked your registered email, you can do so now and claim your spot in the Beta program.

Here is what is included in the email.

Congratulations! You’ve been selected to help us test out our upcoming 3.00 System Software Update to ensure it’s ready for public use. Your participation in this program is extremely important to us and we look forward to hearing from you on our forums!

Those who have received this email can use the available code to gain access to the Beta forums. Do keep in mind that the Beta is under NDA and is strictly for testing purpose.


PS4 3.00 Firmware Update was just revealed along with a list of features that included support for YouTube Gaming and an increase of the Cloud Save Storage from 1 to 10 GB for PS Plus users.

Let us know if you have received this email in the comments below.

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