User Whose PSN Account Was Banned Due To ‘Offensive’ Name Gets It Back After Going Viral

Sony has a strange policy where even the accounts that are banned due to some mistake are never recovered until you are somehow lucky enough to draw the attention of them by going viral.

I have seen a lot of ban stories across PSN and while most are usually trying to obscure facts and lying because their ban was legitimate, there have been a few that felt genuine. One of them was for a PSN name which had ‘Jihad’ in it and ended up getting banned, but subsequently, unbanned once his story went viral.

The same thing has happened again recently for a user who was banned due to an offensive name “Kike_0615”. The thing is, the name is actually a well-known nickname in Mexican culture but for those who have no idea, it can also be used as a derogatory term for Jewish people. His original post managed to get more than 25K karma and drew almost 3K comments which made it viral.

After other websites picked up the news, he shared an update on how Sony got in touch with him and reactivated his account again. Sounds good, right? Except he already had tried to contact Sony Support for hours and despite multiple attempts to get his account back, Sony never did it even though they were in the wrong for this one.

The trend of Sony only acting on the Viral news is something that needs to stop. They need to enforce this policy for all legitimate complaints, which is something that they hardly bother to do anymore. At the end of the day, this story had a happy ending but it also exposes the bad practice and terrible nature of Sony support when someone who has spent hundreds of dollars on his account for games and subscription ends up getting banned, and then subsequently told that they can’t do anything to help in this situation.

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